Artillery Sighting System

Artillery Sighting System


The Hall & Watts Artillery Sighting System is a highly accurate, battle proven system, with proven reliability and ease of operation. It is designed for use with Field Guns, Howitzers and Rocket Launchers. It is notably in service on the L118/L119 105 mm Light Gun.

Key features of the Artillery Sighting system include an accurate bearing, elevation and cross level, as well as coarse and fine scales for bearing and elevation. The system can be used for direct or indirect fire, and requires no electrical power. It has slipping scales incorporated for ease of orientation and change of aiming points, and has a rugged design for maximum reliability in harsh conditions.

The Artillery Sighting System comprises of three main components:

  • L3A1 Dial Sight Carrier
  • L7A1 Dial Sight
  • Telescope Elbow, Trilux/Direct Fire Sight


Additionally the Fire Control Quadrant and Sight Carrier Boresight are required for instrument alignment with the gun barrel.

The optional Beacon Dial Sight can attached to the L7A1 Dial Sight and be used to allow other guns on the gun position to orientate themselves using a particular gun as a reference point, especially in low light conditions.